Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fig Jam

Before we left my uncle's after the fish fry last weekend, he begged us to pick as many figs as we could carry from their very happy fig tree. We were happy to oblige and, while I really didn't think we had picked all that many figs, my mom and I ended up with enough to make 15 1/2 pints of fig jam! (Yes, those two flats of jars in the background are also filled with jam.) We used this recipe from Kraft, but you can also find great recipes on one of my favorite websites that gives information on how to can/freeze/preserve almost anything!

While some people aren't all that crazy about the flavor of figs, I love fig jam because it is so versatile... it's tasty in both sweet and savory dishes! In fact, I'll post my favorite way to use it as soon as I can find the recipe... it's the yummiest cracker spread you've ever tasted - especially if you have access to fresh rosemary!

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